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James193 (10)

this is my page on Kirby! it took 2 hours to make and could do with improvement, if you have any suggestions please comment in the section below!

KeaganLandfried (22)

Some images fail to load as they are blocked by my school Chromebook. A good suggestion would be (if support sit I don't know) to upload the images directly into your file then call them by their file name instead of the src link.

James193 (10)

@KeaganLandfried ok i shall try that
also im bit of a nub to html, how would i do that???

A60yearoldman (0)

@James193 I think he means importing them by saving the image then getting the file name in your code for the image, instead of copying the link to the image. I can't help if its any harder than that, im pretty new to this aswell