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live chatroom one liner! (1 line series)[no5]
rafrafraf (1369)

You can literally make anything in one line ;)

Here is my one line flask py live chatroom!

Live chat here

Let me know if you have any ideas for what I should make in one line next :)


I only had to get over two problems that I hadn't yet encountered when working on this:

  • firstly, decorators:
    as you (probably) already know, with py flask you use decorators when routing - for example:


def index():
    return whatever

can be re-written as

index = app.route('/')(lambda : whatever)
  • the second issue was making the client, so I used flask render template string and passed in my html/css/js code I made for the client.
Whippingdot (425)

Nice program, sad that it is only one line tho. It is going to be taken down for low effort... JK

Whippingdot (425)

I think you and marcusweinberger should be mods. You guys create AWESOME programs together @rafrafraf

Whippingdot (425)

The amount of notifications you are giving me:


Whippingdot (425)

@rafrafraf Welcome. i haven't been here for long, but for the short time I have been here, you have created the email service, the web analytics service(which you created before, but who cares), this chat app, and you created one more thing which I forgot but was certainly awesome. Good job!

rafrafraf (1369)

@Whippingdot thanks alot man! i appreciate it loads

SudhanshuMishra (66)

@Whippingdot sorry , no offense friend (ping again sorry)

Whippingdot (425)

@SudhanshuMishra Did you see the minus one notifications icon. That is what I was showing you, you can ping me all you want. That was for fun. 😅

Whippingdot (425)

Oooo that was ur actual account? Yup, i know you @AndrewAung11

AndrewAung11 (14)

@Whippingdot Ha Ha. Do you want to join chat I am the only one in the chat now except the TimeUpdateBt(The annoying bot).

Whippingdot (425)

Oh I will join, I am there actually. The tab is open. @AndrewAung11

firefish (937)

@Whippingdot force everyone to have their own css, it makes things look more consistent. for example if you have one page that's cool and stylish and one with times new roman as a font. how ridiculous.

P.S. é

Whippingdot (425)

Lul, also U just said force everyone to have their own CSS, and then you gave an example of that not working out. I don't understand. Just repeat what u said clearly. The only thing is if your suggestion regards the full thing then I can't do much cause people won't be excited to redo their WHOLE page again would they... @firefish

OldWizard209 (989)

Python: No man scares me
@rafrafraf : I m 'bout end this whole languages career in one line...

Bookie0 (5668)


*scared, whimpering sounds

gjirtngisnt (13)


srsly (21)


HahaYes (1901)

My eyes...they can't handle this again

xxpertHacker (784)

Wow, and I heard that Python was a white-space sensitive language that forced perfect formatting on code...

FlaminHotValdez (367)

Okay I had the bad luck of meeting the idiot who made AdBot, SpamBot, and Spam Bot Beta. I also had the good luck or looking at Repl talk rules and threatening to report them. No more adbots or spambots yayyyy!

SudhanshuMishra (66)

ok so someone made a time bot ... ??

SudhanshuMishra (66)

@rafrafraf yes I talked with you your name was raf

BobTheTomatoPie (3201)

yikes a lot of spammers

GavinSanti (4)

I love the idea and the chat room, but the spammers and the bots. Can you please try to make a bot proof chat room next?

tussiez (866)

Another bot is up spamming random strings of text..

tussiez (866)


The chat isn't moderated

AndrewAung11 (14)

@rafrafraf This is really cool. I think if you put the time on the top of the box instead of making time update bot. Because that bot is annoying.

rafrafraf (1369)

@AndrewAung11 lmaoo i didnt make any bots those are all made by other users ahahah i just made a chatroom thats all

AndrewAung11 (14)

@rafrafraf Who made it? Do you know?

AverseABFun (13)

a guy called SpamBot is saying SPAMMER UR EZ and spamming that

AverseABFun (13)

@SudhanshuMishra it also seems that the bot was made by a guy called "i"

FlaminHotValdez (367)

@AverseABFun yeah, he also made AdBot. But I threatened him by reporting him because spam is against the rules of repl. Now he shut up, ragequit, and took his bots with him. :)

Whippingdot (425)

What!! I stopped him yesterday morning. I think we should report him. I yelled at him soo much yesterday morning(for me cause I live in India) and he stopped his two bots and left. It seems he started again and you stopped him? @FlaminHotValdez

FlaminHotValdez (367)

@Whippingdot yeah I threatened him with ban


@rafrafraf you should make a one line password cracker.
Great job by the way!

CodingRedpanda (169)


i dont mean to try to test u, but...

can you somehow make it so it hashes out some words
and it hashes out some names too?

otherwise, this is CoOl

rafrafraf (1369)

@CodingRedpanda thanks! And i may add that actually thanks for the suggestion

CodingRedpanda (169)

@rafrafraf also i made a bot for this (no, it doesnt spam)

RahulChoubey1 (132)

@CodingRedpanda Let me guess: a time bot?


CodingRedpanda (169)

@SudhanshuMishra if u want to know, its literally called "CodingRedpanda's Bot" and i've programmed it to not spam!

Whippingdot (425)

Don't lie, it was too human to be a bot. @CodingRedpanda

CodingRedpanda (169)

@Whippingdot i was controling it directly, yes, but it also has the ability todo things itself. but today i got rid of it because it was getting random bugs.

CodingRedpanda (169)

@Whippingdot it was bugging over a single variable called "name"

JackLesher (14)

How did you get it online? How did you make the server?

JackLesher (14)

@JackLesher I'm making something like this with a friend and I'd like to know. Teach me, mold me.

IntellectualGuy (368)

Can you please add a way to ban people, there are way to many spammers here, otherwise I think this think is really pog.

rafrafraf (1369)

@IntellectualGuy i may do so later, im all tired out atm :/

JBloves27 (1523)

OMG! That is amazing!

i think its your longest one yet! ;)

MarcusWeinberger (680)


Whippingdot (425)

Wait a sec, why isn't the dude getting mentioned. Look at your 2 mentions, they are a different color. @rafrafraf