Cool Rocket Animation!
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As_usual,_comments,_suggestions_tips_etc._feel_free_to_tell_me! Because_YOU_guys_know_best_what_to_say!




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lol i love it!
How to make the ascii move??
and i am interesting with your bluetooth keyboard ...
from where you buy it??

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Oh no if you look at the code, you see I do sort of frames, like every second. So I just repeat the rocket but move it higher. It’s kinda annoying. The Bluetooth keyboard is dell, but I’m not sure where I bought it :(. But I’m general, any Bluetooth keyboard is good, it’s better than typing on iPad keyboard!

I’m glad you like it :D @Zuhdi28


@Bookie0 Now i get it! i'll make things like [email protected]!
WOW! how do you get 621 upvotes quickly???

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Lol I know it’s cool! :) @Zuhdi28


@Bookie0 i made a story by ascii!
and guess what...
i made it for you!
check it out!