❌TicTacToe⭕ 💻TERMINAL 💻 + 🦃TURKEY🦃 Edition
mat1 (3290)

🤔Ever wanted to play ❌TicTacToe ⭕ in the terminal 💻 with TURKEYS🦃?
Me neither, but I made it anyway 🤷 because i want upvotes ⬆ and because of Thanksgiving🍂!
🎮 You can play it here or view the source 🖥.

How to play

  • Click on the blank spaces
  • ???
  • Profit
  • Upvote (it's a step so you have to do it)


  • giant friendly turkey
  • i made this in like an hour 🕒
  • There's an AI 🤖 in case you have no friends
  • Thanksgiving color scheme 🎨
  • Easter eggs? 😀
  • Upvote if you enjoy 👍
  • Comment 💬 with suggestions

If you find a bug 🐛, please don't report it because I won't so I can fix it

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minx28 (343)

yo the AI isn't very good, i can beat it almost every time
awesome project though

Hope you found this comment helpful
Upvote for vee freebucks