The Most Simplest Program
Bookie0 (150)

Please try it and maybe 5 upvotes? Also comment if you want

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Edit: Hi, oh my gawd!!!! 78 upvotes!I’m so thankful for your comments as well!

Would you please mind to go to this repl:
Because I feel like this is a bit old now.

Have a nice day and thank you so much!!! 😀😃✌️🤟👌🤘👏👏

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JamesGordon1 (107)

me: hey guys look what i made,
(gets 3 upvotes)
some random boi: guys look at this: print ("blablabla")
(gets 41 upvotes)
me: why just why?

Bookie0 (150)

Hello @JamesGordon1
I will visit your repl and give you an upvote.
Thank you for your comment
Have a great day!

JamesGordon1 (107)

@Bookie0 well thanks but I'm not mad I'm just confused

Bookie0 (150)

Ok thank [email protected]
Have a wonderful day!