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microChat, derived from Vandeism14’s “tiny chat,” but ever smaller!
StudentFires (130)

Disclaimer: StudentFires is in no way whatsoever assuming authorship of the original code by user “Vandeism14,” whose code can be found at

Hey you! Yeah, you! Have you ever wanted to chat?

Maybe you want something simple, something fast something you could get used to easily, but you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, nor do you want a lot of code. If you do, then you've come to the right place.

After an entire day of editing the code, StudentFires presents to you:


microChat is optimized for one purpose, being small. It is smaller than a normal .css file, .html file, or small .js file, yet it’s all in one. One file that combines the server-side and client-side code, and you guessed it, it’s small.

His released version of the server-side code, as of when this post was originally made was 435 characters large. At that time he proclaimed it to be the smallest chat system.

StudentFires has shrunken the code to only 367 characters.


We saved a whopping 68 characters while providing exactly the same functionality.

The original author’s code seriously broke HTML markup and JS code in order to work, but we’ve done even better! The HTML and NodeJS are now pure nonsense.

Vandeism14: If you see this, I actually need help expanding your original code into something readable, and logically structured, I failed miserably.

mat1 (3161)

19 bytes, when do I receive my award?

StudentFires (130)

@mat1 Is your repl private? I'd like to see what you've shared.
Update: it's been an hour and I've finally tried require("tinychat"), it failed, I presume the repl might not be real, but who knows, he does dev after all.

mat1 (3161)

@StudentFires oops my bad, unprivated

mat1 (3161)

@StudentFires Btw you gotta import tinychat from the package manager, if you're wondering how I did it, I just uploaded a package to NPM with the same source code that Vandesm used.

StudentFires (130)

@mat1 I should've checked the NPM. Until recently, whenever I put require(...) repl automatically set up the package.json and package-lock for me, automatically grabbing the newest dependencies.

Was that a bug, or is it a bug that it stopped doing that?
Also, how do I check the source code of NPM modules?

LiamDonohue (224)

you can just spam the chat lol

StudentFires (130)

@LiamDonohue Yup, as advertised, “while providing exactly the same functionality.” So, how about an upvote?

StudentFires (130)

@LiamDonohue Although It's unlikely, hopefully, thisll get to the trending.