Pokemon Adventure Game
MetaMan (29)

Incomplete, but tell me what you think. Criticism is appreciated! https://repl.it/@MetaMan/Pokemon-Adventure-Game

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360539 (0)

my friend fixed your program .

The indents on the program aren't correct and it can't compile without fixing them. Some slight spelling errors as well, like on line 41. Also the sleep statements make it take a bit to go through. On 183 you try to use an int in a string and that needs to be fixed with commas instead of +. Otherwise it looks good for what you have.

MetaMan (29)

@360539: Thank you very much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. :)

MetaMan (29)

@360539: So do you think I should get rid of the sleep statements? I have them there so the text does not just clump up and the reader can read it at a more reasonable pace, like in the games.