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my plane game
ethanheys (40)

this is a fun turn based game your main goal is to get away from the German planes

ethanheys (40)

i fixed the bug you should be able to play now for the ones who were wondering how to get money you can get them randomly when you got to the fuel stations i increased the chance of getting money to make it easier might add difficulty levels soon if you guys want me too

Bookie0 (150)

Good job! I loved this game a lot! Bravo!
Would you please like to visit a game I made called Magic 8 Ball?

Thank you very much!

RaeffQuinn (1)

When I go to the upgrade shop I can't get out, can you make a 5th option to leave the upgrade shop, so I can get out of the while loop.

fruttosio (0)

@RaeffQuinn don't you just need to type "Exit"?

lsambrook (285)

@Steven_The_GuyT How can you farm upvotes? (I'm not going to do that but it's just that it's weird...)

Steven_The_GuyT (213)

@lsambrook ethanheys posted "|" like 10 times, and each of the posts had 2 upvotes.

Steven_The_GuyT (213)

@lsambrook I know; I think he deleted the posts after I told him

TristanMisja (32)

Good game, and it's fun in most aspects, but 1) I can't get out of the upgrade shop and 2) how do you get money?

ethanheys (40)

@TristanMisja the tutorial tells you everything