EpicGamer007 (560)

This is inspired from @DynamicSquid 's amazing project, pixel art creator. Y'all better make sure to upvote it.

This program is a painter. Not pixel art though. It draws circles. You use a JColorChooser to choose a Color then you can draw. Additionally, you can change the size of the circle. The text box on the left is the x size of the circle and the one on the right is the y size of the circle. ON the right of the screen, there is a clear button which you can use to clear the screen.

Here is what you can make(Ignore my trash art skills)

The legend himself(or herself)

@Bookie0 - I am sorry for making yours really bad. Yours is really hard but cool

@CodingCactus - Yes. The greatest cactus

@HahaYes - A skipped a bunch of details - sorry

@Highwayman - Yours was really hard to draw but it was really cool as well. I love the dark colors

@PDanielY - It looks like something out of a horror movie so it is good

@PYer - python's python?

@SixBeeps - Some japanese I think

and my favorite:


Just like @DynamicSquid 's Polar bear in Antarctica. A true masterpiece.

@potatojs - yes potato. I remeber in 5th grade, Me and my friends created something called the potato clan. It was cringey

@Codemonkey51 - Yes yours was my favorite to draw

I hope you will enjoy this program. If it does not work, try using it on your desktop(If it can run java).

Thank you!



I got a 100 cycles!!!!
Thank you allll!!!!!!!!!!

I need to do a 100 cycle special soon. (A high quality one of course)

IF repl does not work, here is the jar file(It is a google drive link).

If you want me to convert it to an exe or app, just let me know

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EpicGamer007 (560)

@NDLFOREVER, Thankx, I feel like drawing you now

k9chelsea2 (653)

oh tanc u lul, i wanted to actuuly try draw your logo because why not but whenever I press ok when choosing new color it gets rid of half of the drawing

EpicGamer007 (560)

@NDLFOREVER, hmm. That is weird. It does not happen on desktop. I believe this is because repl's graphics system may not support multiple tabs. If you can, try to do it on desktop. If you have java, I might be able to give you a jar

EpicGamer007 (560)

@NDLFOREVER, Though I may be able to convert that jar to an exe

EpicGamer007 (560)

@NDLFOREVER, Would you like jar file or exe file. I already have jar file

k9chelsea2 (653)

nah its fine I kinda figured out how to do it without half of it being cut out thx tho I tried to remake your anime logo its so bad lol

k9chelsea2 (653)

if it wasn't for the pink it wouldn't look so bad aaa (your logo recreation)

k9chelsea2 (653)

ohes I see, I might download it later

EpicGamer007 (560)

@NDLFOREVER, ok nice try... The scene where i got my pfp was pretty funny

EpicGamer007 (560)

@NDLFOREVER Actually u know what, That will be my new pfp for a while I guess

k9chelsea2 (653)

kool idk anything about anime lol

EpicGamer007 (560)

@NDLFOREVER, LMao its fine. My school is not a normie school and that has pretty much changed my entire life

k9chelsea2 (653)

lol, I'm homeschooled (well self taught going to an actual highschool this year…hopefully)

k9chelsea2 (653)

I'm actually quite happy I was actually able to draw something on a coding website lol ever since I got mass reported and banned on scratch i haven't really had a chance lmao