Online 3D FPS, csgo based
pepelaugh (436)

A pretty scuffed version of CSGO for the browser, online.
App is live at:
Server is hosted on
Feel free to fork and make changes, i can see potential, like maybe you can make it Like minecraft. :D
[note you'll need a new server]

Edit: i noticed that people said the join button wasn't working. To solve this issue, enable Javascript in settings.

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pepelaugh (436)

now this is epic.
whoever was online, gg lol

elipie (94)

@pepelaugh were u the dev guy? gg bro

pepelaugh (436)

@elipie yeah, gg. and btw here's a secret:
press x to use a dev "cheat" :D

dominicl645 (30)

it is a little laggy. and you should add more of a variety of weapons @pepelaugh

pepelaugh (436)

@dominicl645 Maybe, but this is just for demo. Currently i'm learning 3js, but i usually use c#/c++ so idk.