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Megacode is an edited version of Python that uses a custom Python module to make built-in Python functions easier to use. Megacode was based off of
To start, navigate to the main folder and make a new file. Make sure it ends with the .mc file extension!
To use Megacode, first, initialize the Megacode module.

import mc
IdentityHash = mc.init()

Next, add your code. Note that the code here is just an example, as you can use any python feature here. See what you can come up with!
QUICK TIP: All Megacode functions must have your identity hash as the last parameter.

print("Three cheers for Megacode!")
mc.loop(3, "print('Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!')", IdentityHash)

And, once you're ready, exit the Megacode script.


Finally, run the script, enter your filename, type 2, press enter, and your program will load. Voila!

This is a project that me: @gameplayrawesom and @HENRMARTIN4 worked on. We got the source code from Ultracode (Another coding language that we worked on) and then built on from there. We also made our own custom ERRORS

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Epicmuffinepic (63)

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