Empty lll
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note: this is not related to Empty 3: Endgame. This is Empty lll. Notice lll is not the same is 3. If you doubt, type in 3=="lll" in the shell.

Introducing Empty lll

Now with cool roman numerals at the end! So, you 've all seen the highly acclaimed Empty and Empty 2, by @mat1 and @eankeen. But are you ready for the new, improved version????? Empty lll has the same gameplay mechanics, but all new content! That is no output at all! The screen is completely dark... What adventures will await?


Basics click the green run button to start the game! Then... stare at your screen until you see the number 42 in blue. Just kidding. Just stare at it. At least 15 hours of exciting gameplay! (speedrunners, this is a challenge)

Acclaimed Reviews

Nanowrimoijk (probably some weird icelandic guy)

oh boy, empty strikes again! 10/10 gameplay!

Zavexeon (famous guy)

smh my head

Zexogon (smart sounding guy)


mat1 (famous replit man, also creator of Empty)

5/6 not enough lack of text

enigma_dev (also famous replit guy, not very good at typing)

Wow As I stared into this Abyss, if elt like its ared back. 10/10 would replay

epicman702 (epic speedrunner)

Also, I failed the speed run test

enigma_dev (likes to leave multiple reviews)

10/10 would have probaply won the hackathon

stevetay001 (person of few words)

wow. amazing

Pinhead69 (has the ability to talk to games)

This truly speaks to me

Warhawk947 (not actually a hawk, hawks can't type)

Possibly the best game I have ever played in my life

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