Basic House Building and Selling Game
aguy11 (83)

This is a very basic house building game, where you are the owner of a building company, and get requests from some architect all of the time. There isn't much you can do, but if you have any recommendations, please comment so I can improve this. Okay, back to the game scenario: You have a 'currency' of feet, which is the size of the house that you can build. Big thanks to @Geocube101 for helping me with my error.

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Muffinlavania (669)

one thing i can suggest, at the end of each input put a \n, like this

rnum = input("How many rooms should this house have?\n")

This will make it so that the cursor goes down to the next line, and then it doesnt look weird like this

How many rooms should this house have?WE HAVE TO TYPE HERE

Also you can use os.system('clear'), it will clear the module of text when you put that in the code, but first you have to import os

Muffinlavania (669)

@Muffinlavania also maybe make a limit to how many rooms there can be lol

aguy11 (83)

@Muffinlavania Thank you for your advice. I'll update it.