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owo translator
CaitB (13)

I made an owo translator that can currently translate from English to owo (furry language)

I'm working on getting owo to English, but I might not finish it.

I made this as a quick joke project, so it's a pretty simple program, but regardless I hope you enjoy it! (:

Any improvements or suggestions would be great!

JamesGordon1 (16)

Ass a gamer I think that whoever made this can go commit Alt + F4

CaitB (13)

@JamesGordon1 ok i will commit game end

JamesGordon1 (16)

@CaitB lel I thought that you weren't going to respond

JamesGordon1 (16)

@CaitB hey want to work on somthing with me?

JamesGordon1 (16)

@CaitB The 3rd one would be the one we would work on

CaitB (13)

@JamesGordon1 oh sorry, i kinda died for a bit. i'll check them out!

PDanielY (430)

Hmm,, does this actuawwy convewt it to a "owo" wanguage?? :3

TaylorLiang (309)

finally, something that I can use on a daily basis

asdfghmnbvcxser (4)

something we need but dont deserve