MatthewStirling (130)

Here is my entry for the Game Jam - Swing! (yes, you have to shout it)

The gist is pretty simple - you swing around using a grappling hook and you must avoid dying. Don't touch the red blocks and don't get shot by a Turret (duh). Play through the Levels or enter the Arena and try to survive.

The way the game relates to the theme of Cash is.. uh.. you get to keep your cash because this game is free!

For the best experience, open this link in a new tab:

Full DevLog:

version 4.2 - current (17.04.2019)

  • added guided missiles
  • added rope block wrapping
  • added level 4
  • added explosion recoil
  • changed turrets appearance
  • added idle turret animation
  • added arena menu display turret behaviour

version 4.1 (13.04.2019)

  • added practice mode
  • altered arena to account for easy winning strategies

version 4.0 (12.04.2019)

  • added explosions
  • added super predictive turrets
  • added arena survival mode
  • added level 3
  • redesigned menus
  • got rid of title card animation
  • added bouncy bullets
  • added death animation

version 3.0 (05.04.2019)

  • added a main menu
  • added buttons
  • changed appearance of predictive turrets
  • made level 2 final challenge easier
  • added peak text

version 2.0 (30.03.2019)

  • added level 2
  • added turrets
  • improved hook sticking mechanic
  • changed controls (again)
  • optimized forces (jump strength, friction, drag)
  • added predictive aiming
  • removed 3 challenges from level 1

version 1.2 (23.03.2019)

  • added title card
  • added safe area at beginning
  • added checkpoint text

version 1.1 (23.03.2019)

  • added 3 more challenges (total now 13)
  • made controls more intuitive
  • added checkpoints
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LiamSchenck (14)

passed all available levels + arena survival levels (with trackpad)! can't wait until you add missiles

LiamSchenck (14)

by the way, you can beat all arena survival levels just by going in the bottom left and moving from side to side

MatthewStirling (130)

@LiamSchenck Thank you for the feedback. I've changed the arena to try and account for this problem. Now you'll never beat the arena, especially with a mere trackpad! MUAHAHAHAHA!

LiamSchenck (14)

@MatthewStirling about that...lmao i just beat all of them really easily by jumping constantly on that one little slab in the bottom left. i didn't even use the grappling hook and i didn't move my mouse lol. the only tricky one was the super predictive one but then i just jumped and immediately grappled down back onto the slab...

is it time to make the entire arena floor red? lol

MatthewStirling (130)

@LiamSchenck ffs dont you ever have anything positive to say?!

Just kidding, this feedback is super important and helpful. I've got rid of the island in all but the standard and super predictive arenas. Standard is meant to be easy anyway. The only problem might be on the bouncy bullets by standing on the edge of the tower base and jumping, but that's quite difficult for me to do. Tell me if you figure out any more of these "loophole" strategies!

LiamSchenck (14)

@MatthewStirling ok so i played through them all again. i beat explosive and predictive scatter pretty easily just by standing on the place where you spawn and jumping up and down, but it's kinda difficult and you have to understand how the predictive scatter works to beat it really easily. i was able to beat bouncy bullets by standing on the edge of the tower base and jumping, and it was actually really easy since none of the bullets that i dodged ever came back near me. standard and super predictive i just beat in the same way i did last time lol

LiamSchenck (14)

@MatthewStirling i think it's hard enough at this point regardless of the strategies i'm using but if you really want to make it hard you could make everything red besides the top or something like that idk

also idk if you're aware of this bug or not but you can jump infinitely if you just barely release the space bar after you jump before pressing it down again. it's hard for me to do consistently but easy enough that it's kinda gamebreaking lol

LiamSchenck (14)

@MatthewStirling found another bug: if you beat the third level and then go to an arena survival game, die, then go back to the main menu and into the third level again, the redo turret button will still be there. otherwise it's normal, you can't die as usual since you've beaten the level. but then when you click the redo turret button, it brings you to the start of the level and you can now die. but when you die, it brings you to the end of the level yet you can still die. everything resets and is normal if you go to the main menu and back in again tho

sorry for the comment spam lol i just like finding bugs and stuff

MatthewStirling (130)

@LiamSchenck No problem, I'm finishing up on the game now, releasing it tonight, and any bugs I find are very valuable. I already fixed the jumping bug. I think I will leave the arena as it is. If people find these easy strategies then so be it. You definitely can't beat the guided missiles that I added by just standing and jumping.

Oh yeah, and I added a level 4 with a bunch of missiles. I also made the grappling hook wrap around blocks instead of passing right through. It's a little thing but it makes the game so much better, IMO.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to add 2 player mode, but what can you do.

LiamSchenck (14)

@MatthewStirling that's awesome! i'm typing this before playing through the guided missile levels but that seems cool, will you still add a 2 player mode even if you can't finish it in time for the game jam?

MatthewStirling (130)

@LiamSchenck Maybe. There are still many things that I want to add. I've just updated the game on the challenge board to the latest version, and I'm intensively playing through it to find any bugs. I just realized one of the data files was corrupted, and I've been sh*tting myself trying to fix it before anyone notices, lol

LiamSchenck (14)

@MatthewStirling yikes, i've been playing through it for a bit now (guided missiles are rly hard but i don't think they should be easier) and i didn't notice anything