Encrypter and Decrypter !
John_123 (254)

Encrypter link : https://repl.it/@John_123/Encrypter

Decrypter link : https://repl.it/@John_123/Decrypter

Here is my Encrypter and Decrypter of a Message written ! , I have written it myself, So Please do give it a (+1) if you like it !

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John_123 (254)

@phantomscythe: I am glad that you have liked it, and also thank you for your valuable suggestion !, But, What I am thinking is, If I combine them in a single code, people may think it is not an actuall encrypter and decrypter since, they may think the decrypter gave output of what they have entered, instead of decrypting ! So, I didn't do that !Anyways, Thanks for the suggestion ! :) Have a Great Day !