plat level creation tutorial
Fhillis (32)

How to create a level for Plat

a basic understanding of javascript is helpful but not required for this tutorial

Step 1

fork this repl

Stop 2

read the documentation in tutorial.js

Step 3

create your level in level.js

Step 4

Comment a link to your submission along with your level's name, and I will review it and let you know if I have suggestions or put it in

You can also review each other's levels and levels with more upvotes are more likely to be put in

If you want to change or help out with the client or physics, let me know

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tristanbeedell (37)

@Fhillis i changed it up so that there is basically a 100% chance of winning but there are palatforms that you have to dodge. What do you think?

also i'd name it 'The Fall'

-- also in the css i noticed you defined the width twice
-- the score seems to go bezerk if you have a lot of collectables