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about the game

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when you finish all the levels your time will apeare if you get less than 40s send it in the comments and i 'll add you in the finish screen!
hi i'm back yeeeeeeeeey

Worning you are noob= don't play this game 'cause you 'll hate it :)

just drag the mouse near the ball and watch the magic hapening!
of course i well add more levels later..

edit:i'm really sorry for the bugs :( i was so stupid instead of using a real physics engine like(matter.js that i learned recently) i used my own :(

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firefish (509)

@potatojs OK, you are farming cycles. Even Codemonkey51's trusty four month old algorithm tells me you have a 65%-99% spam score. This is bad. You can start decreasing this score by writing code in serious languages, such as C, C++, C#, Lua, node.js, deno, rust, typescript, et cetera. JUST NOT PYTHON THOUGH, because python isn't serious