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CodingCactus (3089)


This is my first proper html/css/js project that I have done by all by myself (mostly)

Thanks to @MatReiner for teaching me some stuff and major proof reading!

Hope this helps people with their python!!!

Upvote if you like, because this took me quite a bit of time to make (and learn)
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HahaYes (1250)

pretty good... I mean really good... I mean perfect

HahaYes (1250)

@CodingCactus Lol I'm back alive... I was gone from repl for like 2 weeks

CodingCactus (3089)

@HahaYes I was wondering where you were lol

HahaYes (1250)

@CodingCactus Lol, I guess schoolwork has been keeping me busy