COVID Crusher
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COVID Crusher - Crush that COVID, in game and in real life!


@bramley and I created this game with NodeJS, HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JS. We used no frameworks (because why would you), and the sprites are all HTML elements, making it a DOM game. Fun fact: the wavy borders of the cells are PURE CSS! It also uses Repl Auth to get your username for the leaderboard.


We created this game not only as a way for those with school cancellations as a result of coronavirus to pass time, but also learn prevention facts at the same time. Hopefully, through education, we can eradicate this virus and continue living our lives as normal.


Make sure you allow popups (for repl auth)
Be on a modern browser (preferrably Chrome or Firefox)
Play on a computer in landscape orientation

• Use the mouse to control your killer T cell (blue).

• To shoot, hold the spacebar and move in a direction. Your killer T cell will emit cytotoxins (particles toxic to all cells) in the other direction.

• Avoid healthy cells (orange) and destroy infected cells (green). Try not to let the infected cells cross your screen!.

• To answer a question, touch your T cell to the answer choice you think is correct.

• Press escape to pause

• If you get a question wrong, you lose a life. When you get to 0 lives, the game ends.

• Pressing the back button after pausing or after the game ends automatically saves your high score

The game starts off easy, then ramps up in difficulty.

The controls might be new to you, so here's a video of me playing the game.


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