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pypy.repl - python3.5 compatible pypy on!
superwhiskers (40)

this polygott repl contains an easily modifiable makefile that installs pypy3.5 with pip on your repl automatically (and won't reinstall it if it's already installed!) and then it will automagically install any dependencies specified in your requirements.txt file and then run your code

i already tested pygame on it, but it won't work even if the dependencies are installed via install-pkg because it only searches the usual library paths, but it's a cool poc nonetheless and appears to work well

in case you didn't know, pypy is a python jit compiler that has a tendency to run code quicker than cpython, which is the standard python interpreter. read more about it here

replitcode (112)

pretty cool, superwhiskers! I think this would be a great way to incorporate new modules that otherwise wouldn't be able to run on the normal Python 2.7/Python 3.6 repls

superwhiskers (40)

@replitcode i'm not sure if there are any pypy-specific modules, but pypy is faster so you can take advantage of that