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pysh - The simple but powerful shell
DangHoang2 (30)

Hello everyone!
What a long time I don't make a Share post. Like the title of this post, today I'm going to show you pysh, a small, lightweight but yet powerful shell.

Some introduce about pysh

pysh is a shell that based on bash, a popular Linux shell. Unlike other shells, writing on C or C++, pysh was written using Python and using the cmd module to make a simple shell's basics.
pysh's commands is kinda same with bash and with the help command, you will not lose too much time to understand how to use pysh.
pysh is in beta. So you will see a command called syscmd, which runs a specfic command in the main shell of your Terminal(usually it's bash).
Although it's in beta version and not feature-completed, it can do some basic things that is essential for you, like create a new file and folder, view a file, run nano, the powerful text editor, copy files.
If you want to make pysh more better and more powerful, please upvote this post and comment your idea down below.

Happy feel with pysh! ;)

Update: v0.1.5

New commands:downw, chper, find, zip, uzip, curdt, cal, absys, runasm!
So far, pysh has total 25 commands (exclusive the EOF command)