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KirtiJain (2)

print("\tAddition Operator(+):It gives the sum of two numbers\n\tSubstraction Operator(-):It gives the differnces of two numbers\n\tMultiplication operator (*):It gives the product of two numbers.the symbol is called asterix")
print("\tDivision operator(/):It gives the result of division\n\tFloor division(//):It gives the integral result of division.It rounds off the actuall result.\n\tModulus operator(%):It gives the remainder of division\n\tExponent operator(**):It calculates the exponential value")
print("\tEscape characters\t\n\ n:This is used to create a new line in a print statement\t\n\ t: This is used to create tab space in a print statement\t\n\ :This is used before single (\')or double(\") quotes in a print statement")


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