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KobeFF (328)

Hey y'all, I just finished this test that will determine your mental age!

Have fun!

Special thanks to @CodingCactus for finding an error, and @Avayala#0919 from Discord ( username unknown) for major debugging.

Question ideas from and some Youtube videos...

Leave an upvote if you liked it, and be sure to comment down what you got. :)

Oldest mental age...

Held by:

with mental ages of 185... 🤣

medcho (1085)

I am apparently 97 years old.

syflexer (456)

@medcho dude what is your scratch acount

syflexer (456)

@medcho cool mine is just syflexer lol

medcho (1085)

I also have a Youtube Account: also called VulcanWM @syflexer

medcho (1085)

Maybe you want to check it out and subscribe? @syflexer

syflexer (456)

@medcho how many subs do you have

syflexer (456)

@medcho i left a sub and a comment

medcho (1085)

I only started yesterday so 7 @syflexer

medcho (1085)

I replied. Thanks for the sub. Can you share this channel around? I would be grateful if you could @syflexer

medcho (1085)

I added a video to my channel right now. maybe you want to check it out. It is premiering. @syflexer

syflexer (456)

@medcho sure i will be the first

syflexer (456)

@syflexer refresh it said 1 when i clicked on it and 1 is the base amount of every video

medcho (1085)

Were you the one who liked it? If you were, nice. If you weren't, still nice @syflexer

medcho (1085)

Can I put this on my website?

medcho (1085)

I will put it on today @KobeFF

medcho (1085)

If you want 10 circuits on my website, get a VWM Profile. @KobeFF

KobeFF (328)

@AbhayBhat Oh snap, there's some competition...

MMaxM (2)

i got 4 years old. im 13

ParthPatel9 (1)

My mental and physical age math :)

JonahMorgan1 (14)

I'm 11 and it said I was 4.

tttrye (1)

im 50 so yh. i dont do ruby personally, i can sorta code in python and i have no idea how on earth i would do this in python, or even in java (which uim learning)! Well done! this is amazing!
im currently working on a hex->binary->deci and vice versa converter so yh.

KobeFF (328)

@tttrye Thanks! Ruby is my favorite language, and I love to code in it. This actually was really easy, I just printed statements, asked for answer, and changed their mental age according to the answer using if/else loops. The hex->binary->deci and vice versa converter seems cool. I hope you complete it!

blackjkl (58)

lol, i got 28 the next time

studentAlfredAl (333)

Hello fellow player :)
Have you ever gotten bd or kd? @blackjkl

johnstev111 (79)

@blackjkl black dragon and king dragon. I've never gotten them. My highscore is 2M. I'm bad.

blackjkl (58)

@johnstev111, I only got 1m XP. And that was only once. But at least I won my first 1v1v arena with a Kraken :)

johnstev111 (79)

@blackjkl Oh I've never won a 1v1... I so bad... and if you see me my isername is Mr. Strong or some variation of it (special characters)

blackjkl (58)

Im 7. three years from my real age. nice. And COOL PROGRAM!

wulv (46)

Well, I think I beat you all:

AbhayBhat (35)

Good job.... I am 112

KobeFF (328)

@AbhayBhat I think @wulv beat you all... lol

DannyIsCoding (418)

That's it! Your mental age is 4 years old.

Cool code XD

414326 (1)

This is so cool! -414326

studentAlfredAl (333)

I'm not going to lie, this quiz was pretty good. I like it :) Keep it up 👍

LeonLePie (0)

nice, i'm 57 when i'm 10, nice.
No but really, nice game!

mathiasaboye (0)

I looked through all the code yet still couldn't get 185... lol XD

AtriDey (79)

That's it! Your mental age is 12 years old.
Damn it, I'm 13.

SyedUsman1 (1)

i am 107 years old wow :D... BTW Cool.

zeynepaslan (1)

well i got 91 and im 11 how?