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KobeFF (1291)

Hey y'all, I just finished this test that will determine your mental age!

Have fun!

Special thanks to @CodingCactus for finding an error, and @Avayala#0919 from Discord ( username unknown) for major debugging.

Question ideas from and some Youtube videos...

Leave an upvote if you liked it, and be sure to comment down what you got. :)

Oldest mental age...

Held by:

with mental ages of 185... 🤣

GalaxyWolfX (74)

The code is empty for me... TwT


134 years old !!!!!!!!

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

I have a mental age of 16


im 19 lol and mah parents say im immature

HappyLunchBox (51)

my mental age is 4 years old

poetaetoes (293)

lol, it said i am 28

Pyth0nline (13)

Turns out I'm 4... I want to be older... o wait I have a great idea...

ItsYeBoiJ (8)

Bruh im 142... im older than the oldest person in the world.

athenaluo (34)

I'm younger than I thought I'd be

That's it! Your mental age is 28 years old.

awesome10 (233)

b..but i thought i was 11!

techgeek680 (76)

nice XD! what happened here?

JacksonPhilips (66)

i'm 68 years old. 😳

JerryTheMouse (4)

It is accurately not accuratly
Welcome to The Mental Age Test. This test will find out your mental age accuratly (Hopefully). Prees [ENTER] to proceed...

LeonLePie (0)

nice, i'm 57 when i'm 10, nice.
No but really, nice game!

mathiasaboye (85)

I looked through all the code yet still couldn't get 185... lol XD

AtriDey (175)

That's it! Your mental age is 12 years old.
Damn it, I'm 13.

SyedUsman1 (1)

i am 107 years old wow :D... BTW Cool.

ParthPatel9 (1)

My mental and physical age math :)

JonahMorgan1 (27)

I'm 11 and it said I was 4.


my mental age is 4 apparently. LOL

syflexer (461)

i am aparently 4 for some reason cause i tried to make myself sound super old