ZealousOS (v1.1.1) Make Your Own Plugins!
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Welcome to ZealousOS!

Update v1.1.1

Welcome to ZealousOS! In the last update, we had introduced plugins, however, in this update, you can create your own! (As long as you know Python.) Remember, the plugins that you upload will go through an approval process. This means that I will review your plugin to make sure it doesn't contain any viruses or inappropriate content (Curse words, pornography, etc.)


Where can I find all of the current plugins?

You can find it right here at this link:

Where can I find the software itself?

You can find it attached to this forum post.

Is it possible that some plugins may contain viruses?

So yes, but the chance of this happening is slim to none as we check these plugins before they are made official. If you find an unofficial plugin on a different website. (Besides it being illegal) It may contain viruses. Remember, all official plugins will be posted here: https://official-zealousos-plugins-website--crcoli7307.repl.co/

Where can I make a suggestion?

Right here in the comment section! I read the comments all the time, I like reading feedback on what I can change in the future of ZealousOS.

Thank you for reading!
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Crcoli7307 (28)

@rediar Oh ok, that makes me feel a bit better.