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MrEconomical (2189)

this is the old post and the repl is no longer in use

see the new post here -

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PDanielY (1055)

I won't use this product because it asks me to enter my username and password. I would use it if it used repl auth instead.

PDanielY (1055)

@PDanielY Also server connection failure

probablemartian (6)

I got a server connection failure, too. @PDanielY

MrEconomical (2189)

@PDanielY its because im working on adding repl auth stuff so it might be down periodically

SunGame7 (2)

@PDanielY This is legit pretty good. It's not a scam.

SunGame7 (2)

@PDanielY Check the code proxies

PDanielY (1055)

@SunGame7 the server-side of this product is actually private so I can't do that.

MrEconomical (2189)

@PDanielY if I moved the database to a separate repl and made the server public would you use it kek

Vandesm14 (2319)

@MrEconomical I really think this is going places. Amazing work! Are you planning on adding:

  • Reply feature
  • Notifications
  • Update sent mail page without manual refresh
  • Any bonus features you're working on?
MrEconomical (2189)

@Vandesm14 I don't actually know if I want to continue with this project because I don't know if it is useful to some people. I will need to rewrite a lot of it in node too

PDanielY (1055)

@MrEconomical Why is the server code on a filebin?

MrEconomical (2189)

@Vandesm14 oh btw sent mail does update without refresh every 10 secs

RossJames (296)


User: Xeborch
pass: Xeborch