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repl-talk.js API
LeonDoesCode (272)


You can find the current version of the repl-talk.js package here.

repl-talk.js allows you to interface with user and post related data from quick and easy. Please note that this is NOT and official API for I will, however, try my best to keep this API running smooth, both for's servers and you.

You can view the rest of the README on the npm page, which will show you:

  • What it does
  • How to install it
  • How to use it
    and a few other things.

Change Log

v1.1.0 Minor Release

  • Changed the backend quite a bit to be much more simplistic and small
  • Removed some channel ids from the list
  • Added the ability to directly query the GraphQL API (Advanced Use Only! Remember, all actions have your accounts id on it!)
  • Fixed some more bugs
  • Added the ability to get data back from your login request


  • A few bug fixes (boring stuff really)
  • Updated the README


  • Changed README
  • Made it so that the JSON data received is now ALWAYS usable through data, not call specific
  • Made it possible to give what to receive instead of receiving everything, add an array as the last argument in a call


  • Fixed the README
  • Added LICENCE


  • Created the API
  • Added the ability to query for:
    -- users
    -- posts
    -- repls
    -- organisations
    -- enterprises
    -- comments