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rock Paper Scissors - Azex BOT
davidglauberset (53)

The Azex bot makes with you that old game that you have done since childhood; the famous Stone, Paper and Scissors.

šŸ“° Suggestions: For you to call the game and see the rules of the game type: 'Hey Azex' the way I wrote it

Below is a demonstration of how the game works šŸ˜šŸ‘

If you want to try in practice, access this link: šŸ¤—

Be happy with Azex!

ZinTsun (3)

Dude, great bot! But it's still simple I hope you win! We always learn from constructive criticism :)

davidglauberset (53)

@ZinTsun Thanks very much for the constructive criticism, I will use this to improve my bots from now on!

AlexVargas3 (1)

Great bot, I liked how he talks to you.

JHightower835 (12)

@PaigePapastrati Sorry to nother Sorry to bother you, but thee is novolume