age is not a barrier
sanjayrana (0)

Hi Everyone. I am 39 year old just started learning Python.

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PattanAhmed (932)

@sanjayrana Hi Sanjay,
Welcome to your new life of Coding...
Coding is like learning a new language and it needs a lot more patience than learning a normal talking language!
Being an absolute beginner, you have to overcome a lot of difficulties in coding...
You Should not quit-up easily when you saw that red lines on your console(errors!).
My formula for teaching someone to code:
Take a language, Stick to it, Never Back-Step, Solve your Red Lines calmly, Understand and Tolerate them, Be patient for your wonderful results in the future, And you will be a successful programmer, That's it!

Of course, You have chosen the most popular programming language Python.

Here are some great tutorials for Python:-


1. Check this video
2. Check this too
3. And this too


1. w3schools
2. TutorialsPoint
3. Official Website

Anyways, If you want to introduce yourself on, Comment on this post:-


Hope this helps