don't click on this
python88 (119)

ok, since you click on this , you might as well look at this any way. if you read all the way to the end, you'll get a surprise... *smiles also, once you read this, you'll know some secret info muahaha? also check out some of @rjlvey 's projects. he makes really cool things. also, to coding cactus and other monitors, i added some questions. please unlock this so i can tell coding cactus.

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NoNameByProgram (40)

secret info: i died cause i hid for too long

ConsequencesYou realize it's a jokeYou have food in your spotYou have a computer in your spotIt's your birthday
You come out.You live.You live.You live.You rush downstairs and eat cake.
It's comfy in your spot, so you stay there.You die.You live.You die.Your friends leave the house and your mom finds you.
You can hear your mom calling again.You get spanked.You stress eat until you get spanked.You keep coding Facebook so your mom is not upset when she finds you.Your friends leave the house and your mom finds you.