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shortest program
rafrafraf (1365)

Here's an idea boys who can make the shortest and most efficient programs, we will post the program soon winner gets a upvote.

Highwayman (1458)

Why not just

print( eval( str(input("equ: "))) )
cjkosik (7)

@Highwayman wow you made him look like such a buffoon. Props to you man.

rafrafraf (1365)

@Highwayman im not doing that because its not a calculator, m program only is functional as a calculator

AllAwesome497 (380)

@cjkosik Try to keep negativity off of this forum. Currently the general forum is positive and kind, lets keep it that way.

AdCharityTester (11)

@samuelitokono we just threw html conventions out the window that's all

LittleNomster (112)

@LittleNomster i was severely depressed yesterday, sorry but um thx the key to success is throw stuff out the window, um ill stay

RogueHalo (404)

Are we talking about the least amount of lines?

rafrafraf (1365)

@JacksonCowie yes but one line is the goal

evanzimmerman (47)

Check out this program I made to find complementary DNA strands and RNA strands. It's possible to shorten the program to only one line using lambdas, but I don't know how they work so I just used a normal function.


I made the same thing but in batch.

gibo (1)


xolyon (340)

For what kind of problem?

ChoppaFan2007 (3)

wow this sure is a cool post! i love it! but i love my choppa more

while true: exec(input())
An1ruth (4)

Done. This is my code


<script>let a=prompt("equa:"); document.write(eval(a))</script>
Vandesm14 (2619)

I moved your post to Share since the Challenge board is for submitting your code during a challenge.