Password Vault! #WEEKLY
minx28 (502)

A password vault! Get it here
You can log in with, nice and secure, then store as many passwords as you like, and you can store a website name with a password as well.
Passwords are hidden by default, but each one has a button to show it and to copy it to clipboard.
You can also edit and delete passwords, as well as get a mnemonic that'll help you remember each password.
There's even a random password generator with several options!
Also, I finally wrote some new CSS, instead of using my website's site-wide stylesheets, so @CodingCactus would shut up :)
And if anyone knows how the heck to log out from Repl Auth, pls lmk
Please ignore the repl I have attached to this post as it is the entire repl for my personal website, which I have already shared in a different post. The links to the source code for the password vault are specific files in that repl.

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Bookie0 (5668)

should i really put my passwords here...?

eh, nvm, seems about fine xDD

minx28 (502)

@Bookie0 hehehehehehe yes you should certainly put your passwords here absolutely 100%

Bookie0 (5668)

ok great, why need lastpass when I have this :))) [email protected]

CodingCactus (4116)

@minx28 what type of encryption do you have on the passwords?

minx28 (502)

@CodingCactus am not encrypting them.
1) it's just a weekly challenge, and it satisfies the requirement that you can't see other people's passwords.
2) If someone did get access to the database through .env, they'd also have access to any encryption keys I used

firefish (937)

@minx28 no. certainly not. Look in mine. there are not 1‰ real. ouch the per-mille looks awful

JosephSanthosh (1197)

Can you see our passwords? @minx28

minx28 (502)

@JosephSanthosh if I wanted to, yes. But tbh I'm not sure how I would make it so I couldn't. And anyway, you really shouldn't be storing passwords here at all. It is just a submission for the weekly challenges, and it is probably not at all secure.

Lord_Poseidon (168)

@minx28 xor em with the auth tokens