How to make a simple website.
Cailyn99 (40)

First, add a header:

<div class="header"> <h1>Header Goes Here</h1> </div>

Second, go to the style.css file and change the looks:
color: font color here;
font-family: font family here*;
font-size: ___px;

  • Go to google fonts and do as it says when you pick out a font.

Next, add this in the css file:

  • {
    box-sizing: border-box;

Then, add more about your website under the first header.

<h1>What my Website is about.</h1> <p>More about what my Website is about.</p>

If you want you can add a footer too:

<div class="footer"> <h2>Footer</h2> </div>

Make sure this is all under the "body" tab!

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Cailyn99 (40)

sorry, it's meant to be
box-sizing: border-box;