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Hacker22 (18)


What it is

Hi! This is my first time doing a competition sooooo... hi! This is basically a quick random searcher for reddit posts every 5 seconds, so you can get memes, to entitled parents stories! (for large more than 5 second reads, turn auto off by clicking it)


Its a really easy to use reddit random browser, and since it can access reddit, you have an almost infinite amount of images/posts/quotes this can display! From memes, to cool cute cats, to inspirational quotes!

Reccomended Subreddits

Really good with meme subreddits (u know it) and also works with text ones!

  • dankmemes
  • me_irl
  • entitledparents
  • prorevenge
  • programmerhumor


  • Added Sound for each meme
  • Added light mode
  • Added Neon and Blue themes
  • Cache implemented for super fast loading speeds
  • Added a "Sort By"
  • Added Reddit not Found Screen

Thanks for following and look forward for more!


Dark (normal)




About Me

Im a kid in California that is 8th going to 9th and I was bored so I did this! I searched up cloud hosting for my python programs when I was in 5th grade and after that I have been using! It has actually been really cool to see all the new features and looking at it grow! I like to debate, eat, read, and code. (im not THAT shallow but thats about it)

Thx for reading and have a great day!

liltaco (204)

Oh no! I just found out I wasn't the only one making a Reddit client... Well, I don't think I can win this competition, this one's much better 😊. Just add a link to the post on Reddit if you want to share it, maybe show the upvote counter, and you're done.

Hacker22 (18)

@liltaco Thanks so much! Definitely added the features you said. When I started I looked through to make sure that no one else did that, and then when you commented I panicked, but then realized that you just posted it.

GJ on yours too! It looks rllly good!

jajoosam (831)

Love this!

Would be even cooler if it only showed posts with images 🖼️

Hacker22 (18)

@jajoosam I added image and text for posts with no images if you wanted to view them (ones like r/prorevenge etc.)

Idk should I change it?