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tab crasher
MrEconomical (2220)

crash your tab... because why not

Zexogon (845)

do you have any ideas on how to get something like this in a text based programming language?

MrEconomical (2220)

@Zexogon the whole idea is to use up all ram and for the text based programming languages I think they are run on the server so its not client side so you cant use up all client ram

Zexogon (845)

@MrEconomical ah makes sense does redirecting to chrome://crash accomplish the same thing?

Zachary007 (5)

Lel, works on Mac too

vikand23 (0)

sorry bud it didn't crash anything

Lethdev2019 (30)

please rename it to a WINDOWS crasher.
i clicked that big red button which froze windows completely (could not move the mouse AT ALL) meaning that i had to hard boot which i had to wait one minute because the laptop is 3 years old.
it took 3 secs to crash my comp!

FunnyPenguin626 (2)

@Lethdev2019 Just used it, and it only crashed the window. I think its just your laptop, maybe time for a new one?

Lethdev2019 (30)

i'm using firefox (that could be why), @FunnyPenguin626

AdCharity (1287)

ah hell naw I'm not pressing that red button... What would be worse is if you opened a tab that opened a tab (Hydra?? I couldn't make it work)
Edit: wouldn't certain browsers and repl block infinite while loops? Idk I think I read that somewhere but I'm not sure.

TylerBernardo (13)

@AdCharity , I made one. I will post it in share. You just have to let it open pop-ups, and it starts opening them