takin' a crack at cryptography
Rivase17 (3)

Password generation, password strength feedback, basic string encryption (reverse, cesar cipher, etc.). Would love any and all feedback/suggestions!

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pyelias (1481)

A few comments about code style:

  • function and variable names should be snake_case, not camelCase
  • no space after print in print ("stuff")

Code structure:

  • instead of having security, generatePassphrase, etc. print results, return them so you can store the results in a variable and re-use them later.
  • you don't need a reverse function, you can just use "abc"[::-1]

Other things:

  • Caesar cipher, not cesar cipher
  • Your passphrase generator should probably use cryptographically secure random numbers. Look into the secrets module
Rivase17 (3)

@pyelias thanks for the feedback, i'll be sure to take up your syntax advice and look into that module!

Zavexeon (1039)

@pyelias Hi. Been a while since I've been around here, and you've grown quite a lot. :)

You've surpassed me! How dare you?! Lol.

Don't worry, I'll catch up.