Unblock any website using Express
pepelaugh (432)

Unblock Any Website [made by me and @derder56]
there could be exceptions
More convenient version at Glitch

For the people who have school filters, worry no more.
Using express, you can make it GET a website, like the Reddit clone I included.
And you can even access Subreddits, buy changing the end of the url:
for example: r/memes
This will work on any website you are hosting this on.
Whether is is Glitch, Repl, or something else.

If you want to customize the website, head over to
Glitch, and fork the project.
From there you can change the url:
request("https://reddit.com" + req.url, function(error, response, html)
You can also do this on Repl, but it tends to be a bit more tedious.

Note: I'm sure you can easily make a proxy out of this but I'm not the
best at express.

and please comment some suggestions, :D

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aiden765 (12)

thanks it bypassed go gaurdian 4 me