#WEEKLY 10 Calculator
Coder100 (6236)


Hello, world! This is my calculator. It supports all 9 of the trig functions (waw) and it also contains a lot more stuff.


  • Cursor position: More accurate and productive calculations
  • All 9 Trig functions: No need to substitute for cosecant, secant, and cotangent
  • x^2: More productive powering.
  • nth root: More productive roots.
  • Decimals: For more precise calculations.
  • Constants: Already defined are e and pi for better calculations.
  • History: More accurate calculations and better productivity
  • ARROWS: Used to move the cursor around.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Works on small screens and large screens.
  • ERRORS: Includes errors when you make mistakes.


To access the history, just click on the input bar.

Have a great day!

Calculator -- reimagined.

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potatojs (745)

the calculator is great it has some bugs.. like why i can whrite an operator in the start of the line? why i can put multiple points in a single number? 'cause i think fixing those small problems isn't that hard right?

Coder100 (6236)

Hello! Those aren't bugs, those are features! This is based on my TI-84+CE. Anyways, putting operators at the start and putting multiple decimal places will throw an error, which is frankly what I want lol @potatojs

potatojs (745)

okayyyy if that is the case this project is

great lol