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the rules of Minecraft (the first two and a few others!)
epicman702 (218)

Just a funny tutorial!

LuisMamino (1)

Guys so emotional. I almost cried. Can we get 5 thousand likes.

GrantKeo (83)

Hilarious! Loved the jokes

epicman702 (218)

eeets finished! THX for all the upvotes!

epicman702 (218)

today is the last day! Pls get as much upvotes as possible!

epicman702 (218)

Minecraft fact: did you know coal is a warning for something, like treasure or gravel or lava?

epicman702 (218)

Thanks so much guys!

Isaac_Jay (0)

This is so groovy!!

iPenguin (7)

but u can dig straight down in a one by two hole, that way if you break a block and see lava, ur still standing on the block below you.

sharpvik (63)

Ahahaha. Played minecraft a long time ago but still got it. Nice story, man.

james12jimmy (4)

This is awesome XD

ash15khng (700)

Do this in RenPy next :)

epicman702 (218)

@ash15khng I am a beginner coder and I have no idea on what RenPy is

epicman702 (218)

This may be basic but it is all I could do for a tutorial


@epicman702 sure! please check my working memory tutorial and if you liked it make sure to give me a upvote

sharpvik (63)

@IEATPYTHON it's a good one, actually! You have my upvote