CoolJames1610 (260)

I love MongoDb so I've created this!

Inspired by all the Discord counting bots XD

Please use your repl username :D - HAS TO BE ONE WORD OTHERWISE IT WILL BREAK!

Every 100 counts, the number will be highlighted and as a reward, I'll upvote 5 of your projects/comments :D

It will also highlight if it is your repl username :D

Please upvote so more people can join!


If there is one thing I'm not sure about, is what happens if two people enter same value at the same time...

Might implement cool down - not sure yet :)


Hopefully, this gets onto featured so that everyone can HELP COUNT

Goal: 1000 counts
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CodingCactus (2108)

the thing with normal countery things, is that you can't count consecutive numbers yourself (i saw quite a few by dynamic squid and it isn't supposed to be allowed) Obviously, you can do it however you want, as it is yours lol

CoolJames1610 (260)

No no-one is supposed to. When it goes through the counting from the database, a variable name is the last name on the list. If your repl username (or the one who inputted) is = to name then it doesn't allow you. But people can obviously fork and change the code XD @CodingCactus