Worlds Hardest Game
Pythonier (317)

Worlds Hardest Game, almost impossible. Still really hard. If you don't guess correctly you lose. 1 or 2

New: Made harder now it takes more tries to win. Chance of Winning: 0.78125%


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LucasOrdway (4)

there is a 3.125% chance of winning

Aidan72 (8)

@LucasOrdway um i posted that a while ago

LucasOrdway (4)

@Aidan72 yeah saw that after I commented lol

xeroc144 (0)

@LucasOrdway won on my first try. Guess I'm lucky or something

Pythonier (317)

@LucasOrdway I changed it to 6 tries to make it harder.

Jason21 (0)

@LucasOrdway i won your game and won $10 dollars in a bet with my friend

Pythonier (317)

@xeroc144 Really :(, I'll add your name, don't worry ;)