Bookie0 (1481)

Hello hello hello fellow human beings!

Welcome to the WSR universe; WorkSpendRepeat. Aim of game is simple: you work, earn money then you can buy stuff.

Comments, suggestions, tips, typos, bugs etc. YOU guys are they ones who know best what to say!

ALSO: upvote and write a funny comment, my next repl project will be dedicated to the person who wrote the FUNNIEST one!

And remember, UPVOTING 👍👆⬆️⬆️⬆️ is CARING!!! 😊 😃 🙏

Last thing: many thanks to @SixBeeps for helping me with my code when I had problems!

Edit: thanks for the 14! upvotes! XD

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Zuhdi28 (468)

there is a man his name is @Bookie0 ...
when he codes...
he made a game!
(i am the driest boy in the school so i don't have any jokes...)

Zuhdi28 (468)

@Bookie0 yes i upvoted...
WOW! congrats for the 500 upvote!!!

Bookie0 (1481)

Yeah thanks! I know 500 cycles XD also I’m gonna release a repl soon as a celebration @Zuhdi28

Bookie0 (1481)

Hey, so sorry I was gone but i saw your message tell ne when you’re available but i will probably be available after 3pm (or in about 3hours) because i have school

Bookie0 (1481)

Sorry i have to eat lunch, then i have unfortunate online school:( but on friday i have day off! :) i will tell u when i am available ok?:) @Zuhdi28