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this is my first program
reggie07 (9)

he's still not complete but i thought he was developed enough for the world.
some features may not work so sorry.
please be nice to s.a.m
p.s he has some things he really doesn't like

the_cool_dood (2)

my name is chat bot but you can call me S.A.M
what's your name?
my name is:blank
blank 8? that name sucks like seriously
jk bruv we cool ;)
so what you doing today bro? :)
I did:bleeeep
bleeeep boooooooorrrrrrrrrri1iiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg, even im more intersting than that
jk thats cool
ask me a yes no question :) :
is this a question?
okay cba to do more
oh i know i know a few jokes
choose between 1,2,3,4 and 5
oh i see funny man are ya
repl process died unexpectedly:>

the_cool_dood (2)

@the_cool_dood I see someone added an easter egg

whats THIS?:

if jokeinator == ("6"):
print ("oh i see funny man are ya")

JKE010 (23)


Nice program!

JBYT27 (1177)

Umm, i guess its pretty good for a beginner like you, just add some stuff that other people have commented.

and please stay appropriate, you might get reported and it is inappropriate.

RayhanADev (1215)

@JBYT27 already reported though. Also hahah mini-modding go brrrrr

JBYT27 (1177)

lmao mini mods, reporting for duty! @RayhanADev

Whippingdot (165)

Umm... How come everyone who does these things don't know how to spell. There are soooo many spelling mistakes. Whenever someone says this is my first program, or they don't say it but they have 0 cycles, they create a program like this. Other than that, good job bruh.

rush22 (30)

I should have seen it coming

your pfp said it all

sop87 (4)

this is very cool for your first program! keep it up!


This is pretty cool!


@reggie07 yeah sort of xD

reggie07 (9)

@LucasAllori do you think theres anything i could improve on?


@reggie07 Maybe instead of using the random, you could have a list of words like

mylist = ["and","plus","also"]

as some seperators, and have lists like those for words he likes/doesn't like. Maybe the program could read your input word by word and determine what to do from there, but that would be quite complicated to do. But other than that, this is a pretty good Python script!


@reggie07 I experimented on the idea, and made a pretty bad prototype for it. You can steal the code if you want, I really dont care. It can be found here:

Also, try making the chatbot a bit more appropriate, as @JBYT27 said above.

reggie07 (9)

@LucasAllori lmao i forgot to remove some inside jokes about friends ill change that lol


Nice! Deserves an upvote! Keep Learning! :)