Decimal Multiple Finder
ChezCoder (204)

Finds the multiple for a decimal. Example: if you entered 0.1, it will multiply 0.1 with numbers until the answer is a whole number. This can get complex with bigger decimals like PI, or root of 2. The program can actually be used to compute pi, with lots of patience. There are three settings:

  • Number: pick a float to compute! You can also enter 4 eNums that I have predefined: "pi", "e" (euler's number), "golden ratio", and "root2".
  • Increment: the program uses brute force to find the multiple of a float. define the increment it should go up by each time! Recommended is 1.
  • Decimal Length: this is the length of the decimal it will alert you at. If you wanted the alert to be at one decimal place, the program will alert you when the number was something like 1.1. This can be useful to find numbers with small decimals. It stops at these numbers and changes the color of it. Press enter to continue. If you dont want alerts, just set this value to zero.

There is also a log. It contains the full history of the program's matches as the console clears when the console gets to full.

Have fun! (if you understood anything i just said :/)

EDIT: 69 lines of code UwU

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