🖱️ 2D Aim Game
SixBeeps (4797)

For whatever reason, I really felt like making something in BASIC again. However, I had no ideas. But then, I was reminded of this video about a game that tested your 2D aim in a manner similar to Piano Tiles.

I thought this would be perfect to try to recreate because it's based on a grid, and it's incredibly simple to implement in an engine such as PGB.

Here are some rudimentary instructions:
Click on the black tile to get a point. The light-gray tile shows you where the next one is going to show up. You're given 3 seconds at the start of the program to get ready. From there, you have until 30 seconds is up or you miss a tile on accident.

What's the highest score you can get?
My personal best: 81 mouse, 92 keyboard + drawing tablet

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DSAEvan (18)

touch-screen can make you go fast