MineKhan (Minecraft for Khan Academy)
Willard21 (248)

This is a project I made for the Computer Programming section of Khan Academy. I'm told people keep trying to plagiarize it here, so I wanted to post it myself. I'm new to repl and couldn't figure out how to link it to GitHub, so here's a link instead: https://github.com/Willard21/MineKhan


  • L: Toggle Spectator mode
  • Enter: Toggle slab/stair mode
  • Q: Sprint
  • B: Toggle super Breaker
  • Z: Zoom
  • ; (semicolon): Release the pointer without pausing (for screenshots)
  • T: Reload textures

(The rest are basically the same as Minecraft)

  • Right-click (or ctrl + left-click): place block
  • Left-click: Remove block
  • Middle-click: Pick block
  • Shift: Sneak
  • W: Walk forward
  • S: Walk backward
  • A: Walk left
  • D: Walk right
  • E: Open inventory
  • Arrow Keys: look around
  • P or Esc: pause/unpause
  • 1-9 navigate hotbar
  • Spacebar: jump
  • Double jump: toggle flight
  • Shift (flying): fly down
  • Space (flying): fly up

Description: It's Minecraft.

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DSAEvan (17)

trying to go super high, then falling...