🔥Minecraft Server on Repl.it!🔥
Scoder12 (682)

How to run a minecraft server on repl.it

Hey guys today I'm going to show you how to run a minecraft server on repl.it.

Note: You need hacker plan for this to work right now!

Installation is super simple!

  1. Start a new bash repl
  2. In the console paste this:
wget https://xpiredl.scoder12.repl.co/mc.sh
  1. In main.sh, paste this:
bash mc.sh

Run the repl and follow the instructions!
Once you see Done! in the console, connect to the ip shown in ip.txt
If you have questions ask in the comments!

Huge shoutout to @letsrepl for the initial concept.

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tussiez (7)

@tussiez If you are looking to allocate multiple gigabytes of memory to the server, just multiply the gigabyte value by 1024 or change the -Xmx(s)512M to -Xmx(s)1G for 1 gigabyte of memory, and so on and so forth.