ultimate advnnced interprer
mat1 (3293)

upvote for yes

use output('things') for printing things

this is ver advance interprer


This is truly amazing. I've read books about parsing and interpreters and even recently wrote a few of my own. But this surpasses anything I have ever built by an order of magnitude.

My only complaint is that the syntax is too Python-like, but that bug can easily fixed to make it more like JavaScript.

But overall, this is an amazing feat of programming and I may very well use this for my next web project. Thanks for sharing with the community!

I love this interpreter. It's what you'd call an overnight success. My only issue is that this has created competition for other programming langs that have painstakingly built their programmer base, while this one removes all the competition in an instant. Congrats @mat1! You have accomplished what all other language developers have failed to do... create the universally-accessible programming language. I fully expect ULTiMAtE ADVNnCED iNTERpRER to surpass all the current dominant languages. (Testimonial me or I write bad stuff).

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