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um 3 u's
awesome10 (232)

The 3 U's!

thanks to @DynamicSquid for telling me about the 3 U's!

and as usual (not actually usual),

Not upvoting is Not caring!

Thanks for reading this!
oh right this is in progress still comment me suggestions!

dabs364 (277)

it's very useless so I like it @awesome10

DynamicSquid (4542)

:), but some of your code doesn't really make sense...

line 1, 7, 10, 12-21, 23-28

NoelB33 (326)

I think that’s the point lol @DynamicSquid

awesome10 (232)

@DynamicSquid, @NoelBryan do you have any ideas for what to do?

dabs364 (277)

@awesome10 I do. Make a clicker. Use CodingCactus's cactus clicker for example. Btw it's your choice if you want to or not.

awesome10 (232)

@dabs364 ooh nice a python clicker... interesting i will try that

dabs364 (277)

coding cactus used javascript I think.
I'm also making one in python